Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 6 Countdown

Almost there!

I drove Mom up on Monday.

Monday wasn't a good day.

She has a new pain in her upper stomach.

This is a very intense pain.

Her labs were good and back to almost normal.

But..the Doctor looked at her and told her that just from looking at her, he wasn't going to do the infusion.

He told her that she could start the chemo pill again.

So we did.

He called 10 minutes later and told us never mind.

Too late.

He told her that he wanted a CT scan and a EGD to see if they could see what is causing the pain.
Today she has had a great day.

She vacummed the floor and took out the garbage.

She said it is the best she has felt in weeks.

Figures...the day she feels great, why not put her out and do a huge test???

That is where she is now.

Tomorrow is the CT scan.

We are counting down....

3 more treatments left!!!

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