Monday, November 24, 2008

Weeks 4 & 5

Week four was tough.

Mom has been so sick!

Dr. Rich ordered blood work which showed that her liver enzymes were way too high.

So he ordered no chemo for week four.

Mom received lots of IV fluids.

It sure is nice to have a nurse who happens to be your Aunt come and help take care of you. Thanks LaNeeta.

Today the news was the same.

Liver enzymes are coming down but still too high... so no chemo for week five either.

This is a relief but also a little worrisome, we want to make sure we kill this beast.

The Dr told her not to worry.

He feels confident that we have been treating the cancer so aggressively, that the first 3 weeks of chemo have already killed everything.

So she can enjoy the week and have a good Thanksgiving.

She is feeling much better this week.

If the liver looks good next week, they will start chemo treatment again.

She has hated being so drugged sometimes she tries to tough it out and not take a pill.

Not a good idea.

I think we have convinced her that she needs them.

She has been well loved these last few weeks.

So many meals, cards, and phone calls.

Thank you so much for loving our Mom too.

We appreciate all you do for her and for us.

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