Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Optimistic Pursuit

Last sunday, we had a special stake conference in which Pres. Eyring spoke. He repeated a phrase several times throughout his talk that has really stuck with me.

"Optimistic Persistence."

In finding happiness we can not sit by passivly waiting for it to find us. We can be happy and find joy even in times of trial.

Les, you have never been one to sit back and watch the work. You are the first one to grab a shovel and dig in. Times that I have worked beside you, either cleaning a house or laying grass or whatever it may be, humor always seems to go hand in hand with the job being done. Its the attitude, the laughter, and the optimistic persistence.

During this ugly battle in your life right now, I think the same idea applies. Being discouraged and negative don't have to take over your life. I don't think that you'll let them. That's never been your style.

I hope that during this time you are able to laugh every time you cry, and cry everytime you laugh.


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