Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Wig That May Not Be

One of the hardest things to wrap your brain around through this whole journey has to be the hair issue.

I've heard a lot of people tell Mom... "at least it will grow back".


I don't care if it was long, short, curly or ugly.

Hair is so much your identity.

You can tell so much of what kind of a day someone is having from the way their hair looks.

So when it was time to go shopping for a wig, there was a crowd!

Michelle, Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Jess, and me.

The wig lady wasn't very happy I don't think.

She asked us to please stand behind this "line" and she would bring Mom out as they tried on each one.

She soon learned that not much can hold this family back.

Especially not her invisible line.

We were soon crowded around the chair.

Giving opinions.

Picking keepers and getting rid of the no's.

We found a few that were great and finally settled on one.

We turned what should have been hard into a great time.

Do you think this red is too much for Grandpa?

The even better news came a few weeks later at chemo class.

They told her that she probably won't lose it now.

There is a chance...but so far so good!



Brandon and Julie said...

Yay!! Good news for The Mean Aunt! I think the spikes serve Grandpa quite well.

Michelle said...

Some of the most memorable moments are the least in those rare moments when dad lets his alter ego out of the bag!